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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Publish Like a Rock Star:!)

You have heard of partying like a rock star, well how about publishing like one?  One evening I was hunched over my laptop click clacking away at my latest manuscript when the phrase, “JWoww’s book” yanked my attention away.  I scrambled for the remote control and fumbled yet managed to click the volume up in time to hear most of the segment on MTV reality star turned author, Jennie “JWoww” Farley.  My mouth fell open from utter disbelief and, yes I must admit, envy.  While I, Tanya Yvonne have spent the last few years conceptualizing, writing, reading and revising Ms. JWoww and other reality stars like her have been putting themselves out there, breaking rules and scoring book deals because of it.  Moreover, by adopting a publish like a rock star type of attitude we aspiring authors can too.

First, create an alter ego.  Mine is TANYAYVONNE.  Accompanied by jazz hands the name flashes in my head just like that.  When she comes out, I am no longer just some wannabe writer but the writer that everyone wants to know.  Suddenly I have the moxy to send out e-mails requesting interviews from notables in publishing for this little blog.  Normally prior to making contact, I would have researched how others went about obtaining interviews.  However, with a newly adopted publish like a rock star attitude I assumed that I would grab their attention, simply went for it and in most instances succeeded.  Next is to brand thyself.

The Situation became a reality rock star by boozing and fist pumping the night away.  Instead of trying to class up his act to move toward sharing a stage with more traditional stars he embraced the public’s perception of him and is now using it to market himself.  I am well aware of the fact that people do not view me as the intellectual type, despite my college degree and having read through James Joyce’s, Ulysses: )  Ordinarily I would have wasted valuable time trying to convince everyone of otherwise.  Yet with my publish like a rock star attitude instead I happily accept the view others have of me and even try to find ways to exploit it.  Like with this piece entitled, Does This Genre Make My Writing Look Phat?   Last but not least, make sure to be wherever the “party” is taking place.

For reality rock stars the “party” is a red carpet where there is a chance for a photo opt, for aspiring authors like us it is a writers conference where you have the opportunity to have your printed name grazed by the eyes of an agent or editor.  So the next time logic threatens to stop you from making a bold move towards being published, pause, summon forth your alter ego and set about publishing like a rock star.
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