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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just Not That Into You

For about a month now I have been searching for an agent.  You know that moment in your life when you look around and declare you want to be single no more?  Maybe a change in hairstyle, hang out spot or the type of person dated soon followed.  Essentially putting a polish on the situation in hopes of attracting someone good to then lead toward a relationship.  And eventually someone comes along.  You go out and have what you think is a nice time only to never get a call for that all important second date.  Do you give up?  No.  You go on dating until you find that right someone.
Well that is what hunting for an agent is like.  You have this manuscript that you've spent a large chunk of time polishing in hopes that someone will one day want to make some sort of commitment to it.  When you get a rejection instead of that “second date” it’s easy to get sad and go back to what you were originally doing.  Yet, just like with dating, if you did that you would never find Ms. or Mr. Right Agent.  So with each rejection received just think of it as one step closer to finding that something right.
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